Hi! I'm Núria Albesa.

I was born in Barcelona, in 1991: a numerical palindrome.

When I was a child, someone

used to hide small pieces

of paper full of drawings inside my text books, and for a long time I believed they had appeared there by magic.

Very often my mind flies

away to the North Pole.

I have a special weakness for bears, penguins and squirrels.

Autoretrat - gran.tiff

Don't be shy, Pip! 

Say hello to everyone.

Some facts about me:


Truest season: Autumn

What makes me  happy: Penguin stories

What makes me sad: Injustice 

Colour: Arctic Blue

Strength: Creativity

Weakness: Overthinking

Guilty pleasure: Pistachios

Favourite children's book: A Bear Called Paddington

A memorable character: Anne of Green Gables

A dream: To live in a house surrounded by trees and nature

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